Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (this “Policy”) describes the collection of personal information by (“MyDem0cracy”, “we”, “us”) from users of our websites at and (the “Websites”). When we rely on third-party services, we try to direct users toward their respective privacy policies, and summarize important aspects.

Since we use the survey tool (“”) through embedding it on our website, you are accepting their privacy policy when interacting with this instance of their tool (the “ Conversation”).

You may choose to sign in to the Conversation using Facebook or Twitter. You may also choose to interact anonymously without sign in.

You may choose to provide your email address when subscribing to updates of our Conversation. This email will be accessible only to, and we at MyDem0cracy will not have access to it.

Open Data

We plan to release a public data set (the “Dataset) made up of all comments and votes submitted in the Conversation. This will include comments that did not make it through moderation.

This Dataset will associate comments and votes made by the same user. HOWEVER it will not include emails used to subscribe to Conversation updates, nor any other unique identifier. We do not wish to include unique identifiers in the Dataset, nor could we, as we have no access to these email addresses.

Note: Even though there will be no attached unique identifiers in the dataset (ie. no emails), answering multiple very specific question could in theory de-anonymize you. For example, imagine you were to answer “Yes” to the following questions:

  • I live in an area code starting with “M6G”.
  • I identify as LGBTQ.
  • I am a political science major.

A third party may theoretically be able to identify you in the public dataset, using public information you reveal elsewhere online. This is not specific to our Conversation, but is an underappreciated reality of our networked world. Risk may be small, but we would like you to be informed. This relates to information theory.

In light of the above, please be aware that you may “Pass” on voting on any given comment. We encourage you to do so with information you would rather not share.

Panotoclick is a tool that beautifully illustrate the hazards referenced above.

Mailing List

We use MailChimp for collecting email contact info, to allow for voluntary follow-up interaction.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics for tracking web pages views, in order to improve the Websites.


We use LiveChat for supporting users with chat built right into the website.

We have LiveChat connected to our internal chat tool, the “Civic Tech Toronto” Slack team. This allows people in our specific project’s chat room to be notified when a participant starts a new support conversation. Our team chat tool is semi-public, as any member of the public can sign up. Having said that, only people in our chat room will be notified when a participant starts a new support chat. In practice, this is about 20 people. These team members only see the name and city of the person initiating the support chat, NOT the content of the chat. The content of the conversation is only visible to our support team (ie. team leads).

Contacting Us

Please see our contact page.